Windows 10 Mobile Updates Will Be Under The Control Of Microsoft

In order to ensure that Windows Mobile users have an upgrade experience which is slick, controlled and useful Microsoft has said that it will own the process for pushing updates to users, rather than allow carriers and handset OEMs to take control.
That's great news for potential Windows 10 Mobile buyers.
For owners of Android handsets its probably not so great. While Apple and Microsoft owners will be assured of timely security updates and fixes; as well as new functionality with system updates, they'll be forever left in the limbo that exists between Google, OEMs and carriers. Never knowing whether they'll be getting updates or not.
It's interesting to see how Microsoft is gradually appropriating from Apple's play book to improve its relationship with customers. Stunning hardware with very marketable features, free OS upgrades, a business focused on specific (mobile/cloud) outcomes and now taking control of platform on both desktop and mobile.
From a position where it looked ever more likely to fail, Satya Nadella has built a company that looks ever more likely to succeed.


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