Windows 10 Mobile Progress Evident In Latest Release

Windows 10 Mobile is due to get a release date in the next few days, as Microsoft begins yet another attempt to climb the smartphone cliff face and prove that there is room for three platforms.
The last time I reviewed progress on the Insider Build being used for testing I raised some concerns about performance. I'm glad to say that having spent some time with the latest version to reach Insiders I can say that Microsoft's developers have resolved those issues completely.
Windows 10 if now as fast and fluid on my Lumia 735 as Windows Phone 8.1. Given the number of phones with the same specs as the 735 that's very good news indeed.
So how about features?
Pretty much all of the things that make Windows work on phones are here. Live Tiles on the new improved Start menu, battery saver, tap to wake and the new camera software.  Multi tasking is handled by a long press on the back key, as before.
The keyboard remains the best input panel available on a phone and the addition of the new virtual track point is just genius. The notification panel is present and sports the same extended quick settings access that you'll find on the desktop.
It looks and feels like Windows 10 too. The fonts, colours and graphics are all consistent. Even on the relatively low resolution display of the 735 (never thought I'd say that about a 720p panel?) everything looks sharp and crisp.
Battery life hasn't been affected by the new software either, which is good because you'll be using it more. Battery Sense has made its way to the Windows 10, so you should never be left stranded without power.
There are still some bugs to iron out, but the thing that impressed me most about this build is that it like I'm using a polished and redecorated version of Windows Phone 8.1.
For a piece software that's still a way from seeing a final release that's quite impressive.


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