Tim Cook Claims 30% Of iPhone Buyers Came From Android, Still Not Catching Up Though

On Apple's earnings call Tim Cook was delighted to note that 30% of iPhone buyers came from Android. Some websites are choosing to paint this as a mass abandonment of Google's platform, but that's not really the case.

In fact despite a small increase in the iPhone's market share (13.5% from 11.8%) a sizeable jump in the total market size meant that Androids accounted for a quarter of a billion more sales than the iPhone - a larger difference than the same quarter last year.
For every sale that Android OEMs lost to Apple they added approximately two new ones. And given Apple's iPhone sales jumped 'just' 8.7m year on year, it suggests approximately 5.5m iPhone owners chose to go elsewhere for their replacement phone. 
For Microsoft the quarter was a complete wipeout. As we know just 5.8m Lumias were shipped in the quarter, making for a market share of just 1.5%.

Windows 10 Mobile can't come soon enough.


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