The iPhone Keyboard Is Still Awful In iOS 9

The iPhone once sported the best keyboard on a mobile device. In recent years Apple has managed to make it less useful and harder to use.

Even the introduction of third party keyboard support hasn't gone all the way to addressing the problem. Adding one to your iPhone has the element of a gamble about it, with some working well, some working badly, but none really delivering the perfect experience.

Day to day I use both an iPhone 6 and Lumia 930. I've always put down the difference in performance of their input panels to the slightly larger size of the 930's screen (5" against 4.7").

However over the last few days I've been using my Xperia Z3 Compact, which has a smaller screen the the iPhone 6 and I've found its keyboard to be more accurate and easier to use than the iPhone's.

Given that Microsoft is about to take a further step ahead with its input panel (based on my experience with the latest Insider build) it's time for Apple to step up and fix its terrible iPhone keyboard.

Not because its going to win them any more sales, or because its something they can shout about in their advertising.

Just because those customers who have invested heavily in an iPhone deserve something better than the current implementation.


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