Sony Purchases Suggest Smartphone Exit Not On The Cards

Recently Sony told us that its mobile business wasn't going to be around forever if it didn't manage to turn a profit. However its latest business moves suggest the company and its Xperia line are going nowhere anytime soon.
First of all comes the news that Sony is to build a new smartphone factory in Thailand. Not something you'd expect a company planning on exiting the business to even contemplate.
This doesn't appear to be a move designed to increase manufacturing capacity however, as it looks like it will replacement a current facility that Sony shares ownership of with local partners. The logic being that by having total ownership Sony gains improved costs and control.
That aligns with Sony's intention to drive profit from devices as it cuts the fixed and per unit cost for each item.
The second move is the rumoured purchase of Toshiba's image sensor business. Given Sony's success in supplying image sensors to the smartphone world, additional capacity suggests a need to meet growing demand. The removal of a competitor like Toshiba won't hurt the business either.
Whilst Sony separates the parts and smartphone business units both moves suggest the company has a clear direction for future profitability. Good news if it means new Xperias keep coming down the line.


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