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Pinterest Loses Bid To Own Pinning

DocketAlarm is reporting Pinterest's failure to claim ownership of 'pinning' on the internet, after it lost a US case against Pintrips.
Thank goodness for a healthy dose of common sense.
Pinning has been a generic term for collecting or marking material since long before the days of the internet. Pin boards, map pinning, mood boards and scrap books all predate Pinterest's use of the term 'pinning' to identify the way the service links user's posts together.
There's a good argument for reviewing copyrights and trademarks that have previously been granted for activities which are just the digital manifestation of a physical action or process.
The loss of this case is not going to do much damage to Pinterest's business, it is the third largest social network in the US after all.
What it will hopefully do is discourage is further litigation of this sort. And that's a win for everyone.