Payments Coming To Windows Phone

One nugget of information revealed during the recent Microsoft partner events was that Microsoft has plans to enter the payments market, taking the unloved and unused Wallet app and turning into something that might compete with Apple, Google and Samsung.
The feature is obviously some way from fruition and probably only under consideration because the likely future explosion of mobile payments will demand that a mobile platform will need to offer the feature to be taken seriously.
At least it should be fairly easy for Microsoft to add, given that payments are standard, using  Visa and MasterCard's contactless technology and one time authorisation codes.
The biggest challenge for Microsoft will be to put together deals with banks who are likely to be dismissive on Windows 10 Mobile, unless its market share grows rapidly post-launch.
The news was let slip by Joe Belfiore, one of the last pieces of news he shared before disappearing on a year-long sabbatical. I'm guessing that by the time he returns this will be no nearer to fruition than it is today.


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