Microsoft Wants To Help You Switch From A Mac

Microsoft's new Surface Book has received a rapturous welcome - the sort of thing normally reserved for Apple products in fact.
In the launch presentation Microsoft made many comparisons between the Surface Book and Apple's power portable the MacBook Pro. First impressions from many quarters seem to back up what Microsoft said in their keynote: the Surface Book is a significantly better machine than the Apple range topper.
In fact I have been hearing from many of my friends and colleagues, who would normally be considered Apple-exclusive buyers, that the Surface Book is going to be on their Christmas lists.
Microsoft wants to help those users make the switch (back?) to Windows, and as a result has put together a site designed to ease the transition from Mac OS X.
Covering all the necessities - even the necessary evils like installing iTunes (yuck!) - the site will prove useful to those returning to Windows after a long absence. It even looks quite Apple-like in its execution.
It's a small thing, but user engagement like this is exactly the sort of thing that Microsoft should be stealing from Apple.


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