Is This The Android Phone To Beat Apple

This is the Blackberry Priv, the first Blackberry to run Android, the most talked about Blackberry in a decade and the phone that could both save Blackberry and challenge the iPhone.
If Blackberry delivers on its promises.
First off, this will be a phone designed around privacy and Blackberry have promised that it will pack its 'legendary security' despite being based on the notoriously leaky Android platform. Backing words with actions here will establish some credibility straight off the bat.
The second claim, that Blackberry will address exploits as they are discovered will be harder to achieve, unless the company has entered into an alliance with Google which will see it deliver fixes for the whole platform. Delivering them to devices will necessitate an Apple-like control of the upgrade process, which for Blackberry is only really likely to happen if it sells direct and cuts out the networks from the buying, ownership and thus the upgrade process.
Thirdly, the promise of leading technology.
To compete the Priv is going to need a camera as good as the iPhone, a slider and keyboard which feel premium enough to justify the comparison (and which work faultlessly); and it will need to deliver this as a whole package with the sort of attention to detail and quality control that Steve Jobs was eulogised for.
It seems an awfully big ask. However if Blackberry can pull it off, it could haul itself out of the doldrums.
Having sold less than a million phones last quarter it seems unlikely the company will get another chance.


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