iOS 9 Has Broken My iPad

iOS 9 has introduced a number of new features to my iPad Air 2, most of them welcome. One certainly isn't. My iPad is now incredibly unstable. Disappointingly, the arrival of the 9.0.2 update hasn't resolved the instability.
I had been hoping to bring you a view on just how well an iPad with iOS 9 worked as a PC replacement. Regular and random uncontrolled soft resets have made that impossible.

Its a pretty poor show from Apple. Having to cater for a couple of dozen devices, which it designed, manufactured and sold, should mean a rock solid upgrade experience. Time and time again Apple manages to deliver upgrades that cause its users problems.

Its all very well launching new products by the bucketload, but if it can't continue to support them reliably part of the appeal of regular and continued updates is rather lost.


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