HTC Thinks Its Salvation Lies In An Android Powered iPhone

This is a leaked image of HTC's next phone. Look again, it really is. Nope, not an iPhone at all. Well maybe just a little bit.

There's a school of thought which says that HTC's goose is cooked and it is only a matter of time before the company follows Palm into oblivion or becomes a division of somebody serious like Motorola.

If proof were needed that they were right, these pictures are probably it.

Lest we forget, HTC designed the first Google phone, the first successful Windows Mobile, the best pre-Nokia Windows Phone. It's One M7 defined what a premium Android handset could be. And that definition proved to be 'unsellable'.

By building a phone that makes no attempt to be individual HTC demonstrates that it has run out of ideas. I imagine the plan behind this phone is to sell as many as possible to Chinese buyers not wealthy enough to afford an iPhone, but happy enough to pay for something that others might mistake for one.

Not sure how they're going to put that message into an advertising jingle.



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