Google's New Nexus Shows The Problems Of Competing With Your Customers

Google launched two new Nexus phones this week and effectively killed the premium Android market for most of its competitors/customers.
Whilst Samsung stands head and shoulders over the Android competition by making a profit and delivering premium handsets that people want to pay for; others like HTC and Sony are struggling to even make an impression in the market. LG, for all its chutzpah, made as much money from its smartphone business last nas Apple made in the first 90 minutes of iPhone 6S sales last weekend.
Google has a problem.
The resolution is to stop building Nexus phones and instead allow OEMs to brand 'vanilla' versions of their phones as Android Nexus.
This has two benefits. Firstly, it stops Google from competing with its partners and, secondly, it allows Google to directly update those phones much more quickly and avoid a situation where 80% of its devices are running out of date and insecure versions of its software.


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