Getting Your Work Calendar Into The Cloud

One of the annoying things about doing work for large organisations is that they have policies and procedures which hamstring your way of working.
Case in point, I currently have an iPhone 6 which I required to use for all work communications. Okay, that doesn't sound like a bad thing. However email on the device doesn't use Exchange ActiveSync, which works everywhere and provides a good balance between security and usability.
Instead we have Good Technologies client. Which manages to be completely awful, adding a second password requirement to access email and doesn't integrate with the default PIM applications. It renders the whole thing useless.
Whilst I wouldn't recommend bypassing your oganisation's policies on email, it is possible and relatively safe (assuming your location isn't a trade or military secret) to synchronise your calendar directly to your device.
I'm not recommending you do this - in some organisations you may find that this is a sackable offence. However, that said if you understand the risks here's how to get it done.
All you need is a tool called Outlook Google Calendar Sync which you can download from here. Other than the fact that it successfully syncs your Outlook calendar with Google the key point about this tool is that it runs without needing to be installed, which enterprise users generally don't have the right to do.
Setup is trivial. Connect to your Google account (I'd suggest using a dedicated calendar within Google to separate work events from your other entries) and then choose which Outlook calendar and which event information you'd like synchronized. The frequency of synchronization can be controlled within the app, which can also be set to start on login.
Once you've finished setup and first sync go to your mobile device and add the new Google calendar to your default calendar application. 


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