Failure Of Steve Jobs Film Provides An Important Lesson

The Steve Jobs biopic had a miserable launch weekend by all accounts. There's an important lesson here for anybody planning on any kind of biographical / semi-fictional / totally made-up work on the man.
In the main, the only people really interested in Steve Jobs are Apple fans. People who have bought into the Apple way of life and who worship the man as a legend, maybe even a God. Creating a piece of work that in any way paints him in a negative light isn't really going to attract them into consuming your product.
Every one else aren't going to be buying full stop. They'll fall into one of two camps: those who don't really care and those who dislike the man and his body of work.
Nobody really knows the Steve Jobs story, apart from Steve himself and he's not going to be telling. It's possible that you could piece together a story from different people who knew him. However there will always be dissenters who will dispute any portrayal.
Steve Jobs was a businessman and his story is written in the products he brought to market and the companies he built. That is all the truth we need.
So if you're planning a film, book or musical about Steve Jobs, make it positive, make him God-like or give him superhuman powers. At least that way you'll get something of an audience.
Nobody needs or cares about anything else.


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