Continuum: Brilliant, But Of Limited Application

This is the sort of Continuum dock that Microsoft should have built.
Microsoft unveiled its new Windows 10 Mobiles, the new Lumia 950 and 950XL, and with them the first Continuum product, the Display Dock.
When it was demonstrated there was no question that it worked beautifully, the phone carried on doing phone things whilst also doing desktop things at the same time.
There's no question that a Lumia with Continuum and a Display Dock could cover most of your computing requirements.
Shame that next to no-one will use the feature.
The thing is, how many times do you find yourself in a position where you have your Lumia but no Surface or laptop? And access to a keyboard, mouse and monitor? Almost never.
I could see some potential use case where you might throw your display to a Miracast capable monitor or TV but otherwise, in the form that Microsoft demonstrated it will be a thing of great rarity.
However it does validate the concept of the Motorola Atrix and several Asus phone / tablet combos. If Microsoft were to deliver a cheap clamshell dock which mimicked a laptop there might be an argument for replacing your laptop and phone with a Continuum capable Lumia.
In fact given that it appears to be a standard USB-C connection there's no reason why a third-party couldn't do this. And in the (mostly unlikely) event that Windows 10 Mobile takes off in a big way I'm sure someone will deliver this.
Don't hold you breath though.


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