Can Microsoft Engage The Media's Attention This Time Around

One area where Microsoft has really struggled has been its relationship with mainstream media. When Apple launches a new device it is headline news across the world. Microsoft rarely manages to get a mention outside of the technology world.
The relative sales of Microsoft and Apple's devices are likely the biggest reason for this. However over the last few years where Microsoft has led, Apple has invariably followed. From borrowing Windows Phone's notifications and flat design theme to riffing on the Surface for its new iPad Pro. If nothing else a Microsoft event presages what Apple will be doing a year or two down the line.
It isn't as if Microsoft is incapable of getting its products into the mainstream media. Windows 10 has had probably the biggest reception of any non-Apple product.
This week's Devices event promises to be a watermark in Microsoft's history as a hardware manufacturer. With both Surface and Lumia sales growing (albeit slowly) an event that draws some mainstream media attention could certainly put Microsoft devices back into the public eye in a big way.
Microsoft's media campaign's have been weak for many years, now that it has a product line-up worth shouting about now is the time to double down on a high profile media campaign (and the column inches that such a campaign invariably brings).
One look at the original Surface and Surface Pro advertising tells you how it shouldn't be done. Let's hope that something better accompanies this week's announcements.


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