Apple Is A Dumping Ground For Tesla Rejects

Interviewed in Germany, Elon Musk called out Apple's plans for building a car, dismissed its poaching of employees and generally offered a similar demeanour to phone company execs in the days before Apple launched the iPhone.

Specifically Musk called car manufacturing a difficult business, intimating that it would be too difficult for Apple.

He also said that the employees Tesla was losing to Apple wouldn't have made it in the company anyway.

That sounds to me like the sort of thing that gets replayed for years after being proven wrong.

Musk is clearly a smart guy. Tesla is a smart company. But Apple is full of smart guys and is a smart, successful and very deep pocketed company. One that had enormous customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty amongst the sort of people that Tesla will be targeting to grow sales.

There is a saying about keeping your mouth shut and being thought a fool being better than opening it and proving the case.

Am I the only one that this is a perfect demonstration of this?


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