Apple Fixes Lockscreen Weakness, Meanwhile Android Exploits Proliferate

Apple pushed out iOS 9.0.2 yesterday fixing a number of bugs and closing the security issue with the iOS 9 lockscreen that allowed a clued up user to access your device without the pass code. Pretty sharp work from the guys at Cupertino.
Meanwhile, in the Android world, news of more and more versions of the Stagefright bug keeps arriving. The latest is the use of a audio file which breaks security when played. Google is struggling to keep the lid on this for its Nexus devices, so you can imagine how badly exposed devices are further from the core of Android.
With Android shortly to become the most popular platform in the world the number of nefarious attempts to take control of your phone or tablet are only likely to increase. The fact that a billion or so users have phones vulnerable to variations of the Stagefright bug only makes the potential return more and more attractive.
In all respects bar security Android is excellent. The inability to quickly and inclusively distribute fixes for this sort of issue is surely one of the factors driving more and more Android users to defect to iOS.
Blackberry's move into Android could be an interesting one to follow, if it can provide users with a surety of updates and security.


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