Apple Defies Gravity

Unfortunately not in a way that would allow you to fly through the air. Instead Apple has rejected one developer's creative use of the 3D Touch function of the new iPhone for being inappropriate.
Read Write is reporting on developer Ryan Mcleod's failure to get his Gravity app through the App Store approval process. The app uses the pressure sensitivity of the iPhone 6S screen to create a set of digital scales which can be used for what appears to be a pretty accurate measure of smaller weights.
Apple's rejection once again raises the question of how much control it exerts in the store. It appears that Mcleod has done nothing that sits outside of the App Store approval; process, except perhaps some unexpected use of the technology. Apple's rejection seems therefore to be quite arbitrary and lacking in both process and proper review.
I would understand if Apple were concerned about potential damage to iPhone screens - either through too much weight being added, or through contact with the materials being measured. If that were the case then those restrictions should have been clearly articulated in the developer guidelines.
It's very similar to the arbitrary removal of widget apps that happened when Apple opened up the Notification Centre to wider use.
If Apple is going to exert such strict controls on third party developers it should be based on objective, well defined rules that prevent everyone from wasting their time.
And it really should be something Apple has sorted out after seven years of the App Store.


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