Amazon Drops The Bomb In Apple / Google Battle

Amazon has been in a hidden war with Apple and Google ever since the introduction of in-app purchases and the requirement for app publishers to deliver 30% of all sales made inside of published apps.
For Amazon, as well as other retailers, for whom an app is just a store front, this isn't a workable solution and as a result Amazon has withdrawn the ability to purchase from all of its iOS and Play Store apps.
However, whilst Apple (and to a lesser extent Google) have Amazon by the short and curlies when it comes to what apps can and can't do, Amazon isn't completely helpless.
Today then company announced that it will no longer be selling Apple TV and Chromecast devices from its store. Whilst this won't be a big problem for either Apple or Google it will mean that customers will either have to get their streaming devices elsewhere or (and this is especially true of Amazon Prime customers) choose a different device.
The ability to force retailers to give up 30% of their income just for publishing a iOS app remains one of my biggest complaints about the way that Apple does business. It's completely out of proportion with the value that Apple adds to the purchasing process.
For Android users it is of course completely trivial to install Amazon's own Android app store and as a result Google's own restrictions are rather less controversial.


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