A Water Resistant iPhone Is n Big Step Forward

Thanks to information from a few brave users - and ifixit - we now know that the new iPhone 6S boasts a degree of water resistance that should be sufficient to protect your phone from the odd shower, spilt drink or drop into the toilet bowl. (Do people really do that?)

Yes, Apple has added gaskets to protect against water ingress and, in a move which is completely atypical of the company, they haven't been shouting about it.

I'm pleased that Apple has taken this step. I've been saying for a while now that there is no reason for any new phone to be prone to water damage.

I'm not sure why Apple aren't making a big deal about this. Perhaps the lack of certification to IP6x standards means that Apple haven't achieved a level of environmental protection that they would be happy to sell as a feature. Or perhaps the way that Sony has marketed waterproofing on the Xperia Z line would have made Apple look like a follower rather than an innovator.

Either way it isn't a feature that Apple wants to include in its official marketing.

iPhone 6S buyers can take some comfort that Apple has done something to help protect their investment.


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