Wired Is First To Succumb To Apple Bait And Switch

Wired Magazine is currently running an article which contains only a link to Apple News. The actual content is exclusive the Apple Flipboard competitor until Tuesday 22nd of September.
That's a prime example of what Apple's adblock / news service one-two will make of the internet in the future. You can only consume content through certain channels.
Its analogous to cable and satellite TV channel packages, where exclusivity means that you can never get all of the programming. Right now its just Apple, but you can be sure that both Google and Facebook are working to lock content down in exactly the same way.
Whilst Wired may only have allowed Apple a four day exclusive on this article its possible that in future the whole of the magazine's content could be locked away behind exactly this kind of barrier.
To rub salt into the wounds - and show why it is that web users feel the need to install ad blockers in the first place - Wired is continuing to show ads on the page, one which delivers no useful content in exchange. 


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