Windows Phone Continuing To Gain Ground With Replacement Imminent

Windows Phone isn't long for this world, with the imminent arrival of Windows 10 Mobile (maybe as soon as next month). That doesn't mean that the platform is stagnating though. In fact it turns out that Microsoft's mobile platform is starting to build some pretty good sales numbers.
Kantar Worldpanel has released its three month rolling sales figures for the period ending July and there are some interesting signs of growth.
In Europe Windows Phone accounts for 11% of all mobile sales, and it saw gains in regional market share everywhere except Japan and Spain.
Notably Windows Phone has supplanted iOS as the number two platform in Russia, Brazil, Italy and Argentina based on Kantar's most recent numbers.
It will be interesting to see how the continued success of Windows 10 on the desktop will be reflected in the mobile space. Until Windows 10 Mobile launches however, Windows Phone seems to be doing a good job of holding the fort.


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