UAG Surface 3 Case Review

There isn't a great deal of choice when it comes to choosing a case for your tablet - unless you have an iPad of course. For Surface 3 buyers the Type Cover provides excellent protection for the screen, for the times when you're transporting it in your briefcase or another bag. What if you need something capable of standing up to a little more rough and tumble though?
Enter the Urban Armor Gear Scout, which gives the Surface 3 military spec drop protection. The 'Frogskin' material makes the case grippy and imbues a degree of environmental protection (not too much though as all the ports are left exposed. Paired with the Type Cover this feels like it should protect your investment even in reasonably hazardous environments.
The Surface 3 version of the UAG case sports some nice touches which show that the company spent a little more time on designing this case, rather than just changing the dimensions of an existing iPad case. For example there is a clip built into to the top of the case designed to hold the Surface Pen. Very handy and even more convenient than clipping it to the Type Cover, as it doesn't need to be removed before you can flip the cover down.
In the top right corner there's a small bungee cord which loops over the corner of the Type Cover when closed, keeping it firmly shut. A neat little touch which increases the utility of the case immeasurably. All the ports are freely accessible, and with enough clearance to get your cables pugged in - not always guaranteed. There are precise cutouts for the stereo speakers which flank the screen too. Moulded buttons in the top of the case provide access to the volume and power controls.
The UAG case sports a kickstand of its own - necessary because the Surface's own stand is locked away under the cover. It's a nice piece of aluminium that mimics the look of the Surface and has three locking positions at similar angles to the Surface's own kickstand.
I thought that this would be less stable, especially when used on the knee, however I'm happy to report that it is as solid as you could possibly need, keeping the Surface 3 as usable in the lap with the case on as it is without it.
The only downside with the UAG case is the amount of bulk that it adds to the device. Outside of those times when I know I'm going to needing a bit of extra protection I wouldn't feel inclined to keep the case on my Surface 3. It has a really nice feel in the hand though, so if you do need to keep your Surface wrapped up all the time you certainly won't begrudge the UAG's tactile qualities.
As a tool designed to provide the ultimate protection for your Surface though, it definitely manages to deliver extreme protection. If that's what you need for your machine then it's well worth the US$69 asking price.


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