Tim Cook, Meet Lumia Living Images

Of all the bizarre places you might expect Apple CEO Tim Cook to pop up, BuzzFeed is probably not one of them. Nevertheless in amongst his visit to the New York Apple Store - which was either Megalomaniac or Messianic, depending on whose report you read - Cook took some time to walk and talk with the site's Managing Editor John Paczkowski.

In the interview he demonstrated either a Jobs-like Reality Distortion Field or an ignorance of the market his number one product plays in.

“I think Live Photos is a medium that hasn’t existed before. It’s like discovering a new form.”

The quote is clearly wrong. Live Photos certainly has existed before. As Microsoft would no doubt be pointing out, were it not currently buddying up with Apple. Like Hey Siri and 3D Touch it isn't new or innovative, other than to the iOS platform.

So here's the launch of Lumia Living Images, from April 2014. Play spot the difference.


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