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The Surface Effect: OEMs Aren't Building MacBook Clones Anymore

At IFA this week we've seen a whole host of new PCs from different OEMs, each with a slightly different take on what a desktop, hybrid or laptop Windows 10 device should look like. And whilst they are all different in very obvious ways they also share one, not so obvious, similarity.
They draw no inspiration from Apple.
After the launch of the MacBook Air (in particular) it seemed like every PC manufacturer went out of their way to incorporate as many design cues from the lightweight Apple portable as they could.
It has taken three iterations, but Microsoft has shown that by ploughing its own path the Surface line could become every bit as successful as Apple's portables. It seems like other OEMs are getting the message and being a bit more adventurous with their consumer products at least.
Highlight so far have been Acer's Revo Build modular PC, Asus's PC on a stick and a massive growth in the range of Lenovo Yoga PCs packing different capabilities and form factors.
Whether this will be enough to stabilize the PC market remains to be seen, however it does mean that when you next set out to replace your PC you're much more likely to find something that fits your specific requirements.