The Alfa Romeo Giulia Really Is Going To Have It All

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been wowing the crowds at the Frankfurt motor show this week, and for good reason. This is the first full production rear wheel drive Alfa Romeo since the 75. It looks fabulous, especially when compared to the bland teutonic designs that fill this segment.
And now it turns out that the Giulia's mix of twin turbo V6 power and lightweight design produce a car that, in Quadrofoglio trim at least, is going to leave the traditional performance saloons from BMW, Mercedes and... and well everyone else really, eating dust.
The  Giulia is reported to have lapped the Nurgburgring in 7:39. That's phenomenally fast. How fast? Quicker than the Lamborghin Murcielago, the Audi R8 V10, even the McLaren-Mercedes SLR. That's pretty radical for  four seat, four door saloon car.
Nearest peer? The BMW M5, a whopping sixteen seconds slower around the 'Ring.
Even so its unlikely that the Giulia will appear on the streets in anything like the numbers of its less capable Northorn European competitors. Buyers at this sort of level tend to play safe with their money and if the wonderful 164 and 166 didn't persuade them to switch, the Giulia is probably going to have the same struggle.
Fortunately Alfa Romeo doesn't need to sell a million of these a year and its return to the USA should help boost sales numbers appreciably.
So when you see one on the road not only will it be a treat for your eyes and ears, you'll also be able to recognize a discerning buyer too.


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