Surface Pro 3 Discounts Hint At Release Date For Surface Pro 4

The Surface Pro 3 amounted to something of a turnaround in Microsoft's fortunes as a hardware manufacturer. Taking the interesting yet ignored Surface line to the front of the mobile device desirability queue with new capabilities and a new design that resonated with buyers.
At approaching 18 months old the SP3 has stood up to the test of time well, its certainly not been overshadowed by devices that have been more recently announced.
However time and tide, as they say, which means that rumours of an incoming Surface Pro 4 have started to be too loud to ignore, and Microsoft may just have dropped a pretty big clue as to when such a device may appear, with a new offer for potential Surface Pro 3 buyers in the UK.
Various version of the SP3 get up to £200 discount in the offer and, for those looking at the i7 powered version, an additional £50 voucher to be used with a subsequent purchase (the Touch Cover for example).
The offer runs through until October 5th, which strongly suggests that this is the date the new SP4 will land on stockists shelves. Its a good offer as it stands, however the wait is short enough that if I were in the market (and was blessed with even the smallest amount of self control, which I'm not) I'd probably wait until the SP4 has at least been announced before deciding to rush out and buy.
The offer is available in the Microsoft Store, however if you do want a Surface Pro 3 and can't wait, John Lewis is undercutting even Microsoft's discounted price, as well as throwing in a three year warranty.
One way or another its a good time to be picking up a Surface Pro.


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