Sony Crowdfunding Effort Just Isn't Right

Sony has been showing off its Wena smartwatch at IFA today. Actually its not a smartwatch, instead Sony have integrated a traditional watch with a watch band that sports LEDs / vibrations for notifications and supports NFC wallets (well in Japan at least).
I'm not convinced its a winning idea, being less useful than a separate wearable. The smart 'band' might be a winner if all you want are notifications, but the NFC component is integrated into the watch itself.
Sony doesn't seem to be overly confident in its product though, choosing to fund its development by crowdfunding. That doesn't seem right to me. Is Sony telling us that its financial situation is so dire that it isn't prepared to back its own products with its own development money?
Perhaps its has the same opinion of the product's limited appeal as I do?
Either way there is the spark of a decent idea here, even if the technology isn't quite ready for it. Deliver me a watch band with an AMOLED screen tightly integrated, make it no more intrusive than a traditional watch buckle and make it available with a choice of straps that suit traditional watches and you may just have overcome some of my smartwatch apathy...


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