Play Music Gets Family Plan, Microsoft Groove Lags Again

Google went wild with new announcements yesterday,  packing in new phones, tablets and Chromecasts.

There was an important service announcement too, with Play Music getting a family plan option which brings it in-line with Apple Music and ahead of Spotify.

The $14.99 plan allows up to six family members to connect to the service, with their own play histories and playlists.

Unsurprisingly this will be US only for starters, with the rest of the world seeing it at some unspecified time in the future.

The only mainstream streaming service now not offering a family option is Microsoft's Groove. Given how little Microsoft has put into marketing the service that's hardly surprising.
Family music services are a real potential growth area. If you're paying for one music subscription why not add a little bit more and give the same service to your partner and children (or even your parents)? Families will have access to a variety of phones, tablets, PCs and consoles and being able to offer a music service that works for everyone, everywhere has to be an easy sell.

Groove and Spotify are the only services that are available on every major platform. An ideal scenario when looking at selling family accounts.

So Microsoft's failure to be competitive in this space is bewildering. Surely this is one of the legs of a solid 'cloud first, mobile first' strategy?


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