Pixel C Is Google's Surface, But Not For The Reasons You Think

Google launched its own tablet yesterday - the Pixel C. Unlike the Pixel it runs Android rather than Chrome and unlike Nexus devices it's designed and branded by Google.
Some have seen the attachable keyboard and stand as being an admission that Google, like Apple, got things very wrong when it called out Microsoft's Surface.
However this isn't Google's Surface because of how it works or looks.
When Microsoft built the Surface and Surface Pro it wanted to present customers with the best possible way of experiencing Windows 8. There's no real argument that it succeeded in this goal, even if most people didn't really want a Windows 8 device. As a result Windows OEMs are now building machines which are closer to the Surface in both design and spirit.
Google has a problem when it comes to tablets. There are lots of Android tablets being sold but they are generally smaller, low end tablets that aren't generating mind share, advert views or driving developers to create more Android tablet apps.
In the tablet world there are iPads, (and occasionally Surfaces) nothing else has any recognition factor at all.
By building its own tablet Google is clearly looking to define a new generation of Android tablets by presenting users the best possible Android tablet experience and in doing so lift the game of Android OEMs.
And its in this way that the Pixel C most closely resembles the Microsoft Surface. It will be interesting to see if it is successful and how long it takes to change the market if it is.


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