IPhone 6S First Look

Having been away for most of the last week today was my first chance to go hands on with the latest revision of the iPhone.
Of course being an 'S' year the physical changes are minimal. Different metal (without my iPhone 6 to hand I couldn't tell the difference), thicker and heavier (apparently) and sporting a new screen and camera.
3D Touch is the most apparent change. Pressing on the screen a bit harder than normal does indeed pop up a menu, for most Apple apps only at the moment. Icons go fuzzy and there's a haptic 'click' which let's you know you've done something different.
For those apps that currently support it I couldn't really see it being a game changer. However I have no doubt that the clever iOS development community will come up with some brilliant uses for the technology.
The new camera doesn't really seem to be greatly different from the old. You might be able to crop closer from the larger image, but the power in the iPhone camera had always come from the image processing rather than the sensor itself.

Otherwise this is much the same iPhone, a little faster maybe, but there isn't anything here that is going to change your perception of the iPhone. If you loved it you'll still love it, if you hated it that will still be the case.
My only complaint would be the new Rose Gold colour, which is even more awful in the metal than in the photos. Your opinion might vary, of course.


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