iOS 9 Upgrade Problems A Result Of Apple's California-centric World View

As is usual whenever Apple pushes out an upgrade to its mobile operating system legions of device owners are taking to social media to complain about how they can't download the update. That's hardly surprising given that Apple is trying to deliver the update to the whole world of iThings in one go.
The software was released for download at 10am PST on the sixteenth. Yet for some of the world's population it had been the 17th for several hours by then.
Had Apple taken a global view and released the software to individual territories as they crossed into September 16th the load would have been spread much wider than flipping the switch globally at an arbitrary time.
I can only assume that Apple's reasons are fixed around the belief that California is the centre of the world.
It isn't.
In contrast Microsoft managed to release Windows 10 to the world by switching on individual territories as they crossed into release day.
Maybe that's something else that Apple can copy from its competitor when it releases its next big software update.


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