French Court Decision Heralds Censored Internet For All

Google suffered another defeat in its ongoing battle with the French Government this week, a decision that could eventually lead to a heavily censored internet for everyone, everywhere.

The conflict centres around the right to be forgotten, which is a thing in France. Google must censor its search results to reflect requests from French citizens to be excluded.

The latest decision means that Google must apply the filter globally or else face fines that could run into billions of dollars.

It is, as they say, the thin end of the wedge. Once Google starts filtering global results based on French requests the door is open for every other nation to demand the application of its own rules globally, no matter how absurd or restricted they might be.

Google's best defence now looks like the implementation of geo blocking to prevent results showing in France, no matter which Google property they originate from.

If that doesn't satisfy French regulators then globally we face a battle between those who wish to be forgotten and those who need to know.