For Microsoft IFA Was About Partners

Microsoft has a pretty unique place in the PC marketplace, being both a vendor of hardware and a partner to other hardware vendors.

That makes events like IFA potential minefields to negotiate.

Many have expressed disappointment that Microsoft's keynote included no mention of a new Surface or Lumia smartphones. I don't believe that was ever on the cards. This was all about showcasing the work of its partners who are responsible for most of the sales of Windows licenses.

Microsoft has its own event lined up for the release of it platform hero devices. And just as Apple would never consider launching new hardware at somebody else's event, so Microsoft needs to make its new devices the centre of attention when they arrive on stage.

Instead of being disappointed by the contents of Microsoft's keynote, those commentators should have been focusing on the wide variety of hardware that Microsoft was able to show running Windows 10.

The pricing of PCs has reached a level that is now attainable by the next billion computer users. That's something Microsoft and its partners should be shouting about.


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