F1: Italian Grand Prix Farce

Formula One continued its descent into the ridiculous at Monza last weekend, with a blatant a display of double standards as its possible to exhibit in a single twenty-four hour period.
Following the exploding tyre incidents at Spa, Pirelli set a minimum safe tyre pressure for the Italian Grand Prix.
Following Saturday's qualifying sessions, GP2 drivers found to have low tyre pressures had their times disqualified and were sent to the back of the grid - particularly upsetting for Mitch Evans who had qualified on the front row.
On Sunday afternoon, just before the start of the parade lap, the tyre pressures of the first four qualifiers on the grid at Monza - Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel and Raikkonen - were measured by the stewards. Both Mercedes were found to be on underinflated rubber.
This is where things make no sense. With evidence that both of the Silver Arrows were being driven with potential dangerous tyres (as defined by Pirelli) and not in compliance with Formula One regulations (tyres must be used as prescribed by the manufacturer) the Race Steward should have immediately black flagged both Mercedes cars.
That this didn't happen, in light of the heightened safety tensions following the recent deaths of Jules Bianchi and Justin Wilson, is unacceptable.
That the cars weren't disqualified at the end of the race only rubs salt into the wound (especially for Evans).


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