Did Anyone Notice the New iPhones?

As is traditional Apple used its September event to launch an updated iPhone. For the first time ever no-one seems to have noticed.

Yes it has helped that this is the 's' release, meaning no new design to rave about, b at the hey note was so heavy with announcements that the iPhone didn't really get noticed. A pretty dangerous game to play with your number one product.

In fact the iPhone news that is generating the most headlines is the new iPhone upgrade purchasing plan. The other product launches were made to seem both more important and more exciting in every aspect of the keynote.

Much of that must be down to the anemic nature of the updates. features that have been found on other platforms for years. Hey Siri, Living Images, OIS for video, 4K recording? The only interesting thing is how long the iPhone has lagged beyond the competition.

In a normal year Apple would have gone overboard selling these ideas as new, unique and special. And the internet would have picked up the message and run with it.

Instead the talk is all about the iPad Pro and Apple TV. For that reason alone the decision to launch everything at one event looks like the wrong thing to do.


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