Burberry Launches Apple Music Channel

Brands have had their own channels on Spotify and YouTube for years, so it shouldn't be a big surprise that Apple Music will also offer them the same service.

First out of the gates is Burberry, which will offer playlists based around the fashion house's brand values.

This sort of deal is exactly the thing that demonstrates the point made by Eric Schmidt. Do you really want to abdicate selection of music to a clothing manufacturer? What possible connection can there be between a fashion label and the music you like?

It's likely that this will be the first of many such announcements from Apple, as more brands seek to bask in the reflected glory of Apple's success. I imagine that Apple will see these sorts of deals as wins in two ways: an income stream and a selling point for the service.

For listeners there is no downside. An channel which gives you a clue as to how brands would like you to see them could prove to be an interesting form of entertainment. A bit like buzzword bingo with music.