Apple's Product Launches Might Take All NIght

Tim Cook probably needs to pack a good supply of throat lozenges for Apple's big Ask Siri event later today. The list of products that are going to be released is enormous, if you believe all the rumour sites.
So far we have two new iPhones, two new iPads, a new iPad Pro/Plus, new keyboards and stylus for the iPad Pro/Plus, two new Apple TVs, Bluetooth game controllers for the Apple TVs, a new gaming service and a new TV streaming service. Not to mention the official launch of iOS 9.
That could take all night to get through.
Whilst September is traditionally new iPhone time and Apple hasn't liked to divert attention from its big money-earner, the continued poor performance of the iPad, when measured against the tablet market as a whole, means that refreshing the iPad line-up would seem like a logical add-on to the keynote.
Pre-event commentary has been split into two streams, even among traditionally impartial commentators. Either this is going to be the biggest and best Apple event ever, or its going to be a tedious re-hashing of products that have gone before.
More interesting to me is how long it is since Apple has done anything truly innovative. The iPhone has grown in size in response to Samsung's success. The iPad Mini came about because of the success of Android tablet vendors, all of iOS's recent improvements have been cribbed from Android or Windows and even the Apple Watch riffed on the success of fitness trackers and the Pebble.
The promised new larger iPad appears to be a direct rip-off of the Microsoft Surface - and Apple is not alone in doing this - the changes to Apple TV, whilst welcome, don't look like they're going to be groundbreaking.
Apple is in such a strong business position that it can ride out these criticisms. It has its toady army in the media and it has great engagement with customers, so its announcements will be well received whatever.
A proper critical examination might tell a different story though.


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