Apple's Adblocker Will Hurt Apple-centric Sites Most

Cult of Mac was one of many Apple fansites begging for an exception yesterday
iOS adblocking has been a thing for a day now and I'll be interested to see how it has started to impact on web publishers ad revenue at this early stage. A good indicator is Nilay Patel's article on the front page of The Verge today, which portrays the future as a hell characterized by all out war between Apple, Google and Facebook.
He's probably not far from the truth.
Apple News and adblocking together demonstrate where Apple sees the future of content monetization. Not on the web, but in an app. An app controlled by Apple and with ads provided and managed by Apple.
However that's for the future. Right now there are more pressing concerns for publishers - especially those which are Apple-centric. If the majority of your hits came from iOS devices up until two days ago you are particularly vulnerable to adblocking tools running in iOS 9. Sites which provide Apple news and commentary are almost certainly entirely in this category.
Now I'm pretty sure that users will start off by whitelisting their favourite sites, but how long before that gets tiresome?
Those same sites need to be scrambling to get into Apple News as quickly as they can, because the income they derive from ads and trackers on the web is likely to disappear down a hole over the coming months.


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