Apple On-course For Another Record Breaking iPhone Launch

Whilst the iPhone didn't make too many headlines after Apple's Ask Siri event last week (not in comparison to everything else that was announced anyway) there's a reason why it forms the bulk of Apple's business: customers get enough of it.

That looks like its about to manifest itself in another record breaking launch, as the 6S looks to have beaten its predecessor's pre-order numbers and will almost certainly beat its first quarter sales numbers too.

How much of this is down to pent up demand for the new features in the 6S (a better camera being the only really noteworthy one) and how much is down to Apple's new finance package remains to be seen. If numbers are up in the US, but steady elsewhere, we'll know it's the latter.

More likely the general security and update failings of Android are pushing more and more customers away from Google's platform and onto Apple's. Recent security warnings, plus the poor performance from OEMs and networks in delivering updates, have knocked Android's image in the consumers eyes.
Whatever the underlying reason, the iPhone continues to go from strength to strength. It will be interesting to see just how many Apple actually manage to sell in comparison to previous years.


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