Apple Is Coming, Car Makers Need To Be Ready

When Apple entered the mobile phone market in 2007 there was a general belief amongst the incumbent phone OEMs that the company would fail to rock the market.

We now know exactly how that went. Nokia, RIM, Motorola and Palm have either been consigned to history or are teetering on the brink.

Now the signs are that Apple are working on a car. Probably electric, possibly self driving. And car makers should be quaking in their boots.

Anyone who has any doubts about Apple's ability to disrupt the car market in the same way as they have the phone one need only look at the success that Tesla has had, both in terms of building a brand from scratch and then using it to sell cars in the premium market.

Apple already has the brand and it has capital to spare to support building both the engineering and manufacture parts of the business; and the infrastructure to support it.

For car makers imagine the nightmare scenario of an Apple electric car backed by an international network of proprietary charging stations supporting only Apple's own vehicles.

Fortunately the arrival of Apple in the market is several years away, which means the incumbents have done time to get their houses in order.

After decades of singularly failing to do so they have been put on notice. The fat lady may not actually be singing, but she's certainly warming up her vocal chords...


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