Windows Tablets Reach New Pricing Milestone

Want a Windows tablet at a price that usually gets you something pretty ropey running an outdated version of Android? For Kiwis that became a reality this weekend, when Harvey Norman began offering the very serviceable Konka KW9012 tablet for NZ$97. At today's exchange rate that's around £40.
It's a  real lowering of the bar for Windows. The Konka comes with a year's worth of Office 365 Personal and is upgradable to Windows 10.
Its 9" screen, 16GB of storage and 1GB of RAM aren't specs that are going to set the world on fire, but all are sufficient to give a pretty good Windows experience. You have expandable memory - although beware that if you upgrade to Windows 10 you can't currently install apps to cards, which may be a problem for the 16GB storage. You also get USB OTG, for plugging in devices like keyboards, mice and USB flash drives.
For the price its a perfect entry level device.


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