Windows Phone Suffering Huge Churn In USA

CIRP's latest report on user loyalty must be making for some interesting reading over at Redmond, as it continues to struggle to build market share, in the US anyway. After going through all of the effort to persuade customers to buy a Windows Phone, Microsoft is singularly failing to retain them when it comes time for renewal.
A staggering four in every five Windows Phone customers abandons the platform when it comes time to replace their smartphone. That compares to just 18% of Android owners and 22% of iPhone owners. Interestingly, despite all the talk of Apple winning customers from Android as a result of the launch of the larger iPhone 6, it turns out a greater percentage of iPhone users jump ship to Android than vice-versa.
Of course once you stop talking about percentages and start talking about sales numbers, the picture looks a little different.
Windows Phone's market share is so low even losing 81% of its customers to other platforms its share of handsets remains consistent. That's because 1% of iPhone users and 2% of Android users switch to a Windows Phone when renewal time comes and those small percentages of large user bases cancel out the defectors going the other way.
Similarly, the 16% of Android users who switch to iOS amount to a much larger number than the 20% of iPhone users that switch to Android.
Two other things to note. Blackberry users are abandoning the platform at a rate of 96% - and nobody is coming in from other platforms. And 1% of iPhone users switch to a feature phone on renewal. Presumably even iOS wasn't basic enough for them...


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