Windows Phone Now Holds 10% Market Share In Europe

Latest figures from Kantar WorldPanel show that Microsoft is starting to see some market share growth in key markets across the world, none more so than Europe.
Strong growth in the EU5 - the five largest markets in the EU - has pushed Windows Phone's market share to 10% a significant achievement, especially if Microsoft can consolidate its gains in the run up to the launch of Windows 10 Mobile.
Of course this has been market share bought at the expense of profit and in the entry level market too. What Microsoft needs to do is now provide those customers it has won a reason to stay with the platform when the time comes to upgrade. That means better flagship phones and mid-range handsets and a focus on making the customer experience as slick as possible on their existing phones to prevent churn to other platforms.
Headline figure from Kantar's growth was in Italy where Windows Phone took a solid second place in marketshare. Whilst share in Germany improved by a notable 66%.


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