Windows 10 Upgrade Is Going Great Guns For Microsoft

Given the diversity and sheer volume of hardware that Microsoft is seeking to update to Windows 10 there's a certain amount of respect due to the company. The smooth journey that users are having in the march towards Microsoft's stated goal of upgrading one billion computers is probably unprecedented..
At the end of day one Microsoft officially announced 14 million upgrades had been completed, by mid-day on day two that number was being reported (unofficially) to be 67 million. That's an impressive number of devices and a phenomenal amount of data to be transferring.
My own personal experience has been very good so far. Having upgraded three laptops of varying vintage, plus one Windows 8 tablet so far, everything has gone without a hitch. I have four more machines to upgrade in my household so I'll hold off judgement just yet.
Interestingly the biggest complaint I'm hearing so far is that people don't like having to wait for their upgrade to arrive - hence all the media noise about ways to force the upgrade on to your machine. That's a positive vibe for Microsoft, especially after the negative response the Windows 8 received.
Interestingly, if the current figures for PCs in the market (1.2bn) and Mac OS X market share (6.5%) are accurate, then it means that Windows 10 will be in wider use than every version of OS X put together by the time its been available for less than a week.


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