Windows 10 On 90,000 Different Hardware Combinations

The news that Windows 10 is on 75 million PCs within a month of launch is pretty impressive, but as well as sharing this Yusuf Mehdi also shared some other interesting facts.

Most impressively Windows 10 has been installed on 90,000 different PC or tablet variations. In that context the number of problems that have been reported pale into insignificance.

Windows 10 users seem to be a bit keener to use Microsoft's Store too, with six times as many downloads per user as Windows 8.x users. No doubt some of this is down to Windows 7 upgraders getting their first taste of the experience.

There was also some worrying news for hardware OEMs - machines manufactured in 2007 have been happily taking the upgrade, suggesting there might not be the hoped for hardware sales bonanza.

Overall though the news coming out of Microsoft looks very positive for the company. Which should make the next set of financial results intriguing...


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