Windows 10 Mobile Can't Ship Without Bookmark Synchronisation

From Chrome to Safari to Internet Explorer there's one key feature that desktop and mobile users have come to rely on: synchronisation of bookmarks across devices. Having all of your desktop browser favourites synchronise to your phone is a must do, I well remember the bad old days of having to manually build mobile favourites from scratch and it isn't something I'm prepared to go back to.
One of the shock gaps in Microsoft's Edge browser in Windows 10 is the lack of favourite synchronisation. For a cloud first OS and a cloud first company that's a failure.
At least desktop users can still use Internet Explorer to synchronise browser favourites between machines. For users waiting for Windows 10 Mobile to land that isn't the case.
The Edge browser in the latest 512 Insider release of Windows 10 Mobile lacks bookmark synchronisation, leaving mobile users with a lot of work to do restoring browser utility.
That's aside from the overly complex process for accessing favourites in Edge Mobile anyway. In Pocket IE on Windows 8.1 it takes one tap to reach your bookmarks. In Edge it takes three hundred and forty-two, and six of those must be performed whilst hopping on one leg, reciting Vogon poetry and tapping the screen with the end of your nose. Let's just say access to bookmarks isn't a priority for the Edge development team.
Microsoft has to fix this gap before Windows 10 Mobile ships. It's such basic functionality and so taken for granted that to leave it off would be tantamount to suicide for the platform.
Given the Windows 10 problems with OneNote on the Surface and the lack of functionality of the Edge browser across the board, you have to wonder whether everyone at Microsoft is actually eating the dog food.


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