Why Europe Hates Google

I'm sure you've read the news today that Google will be fighting the EU on antitrust charges. In fact if you look back at the last few years Google in particular, and the big internet services in general, seem to have been waging a litigation war with the European Community.
Why is that?
If you want an answer you only need to look at Alexa's page ranking results. European sites have virtually no penetration at all and as a result a whole generation is growing up under the patronage of US web properties like Google, Bing, Facebook and Yahoo.
This failure to create a voice on the internet is baffling. The EU is not a small place - half a billion people live there, a population that's not far short of the double that of the US, which dominates the internet's voice.
If you look at Alexa's ranking, the first site that is European (as opposed to a US subsidiary like Google UK) is the BBC, which is the 86th most popular website. The only other website of European origin in the top 100 is the Daily Mail.
That's no Spanish, French, German or Italian sites. At all.
The EU's only power over these services which dominate the internet is to legislate against them in order to try and level the playing field for local services. Although the more pressing question should be why haven't EU companies been able to build competing services of their own?


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