Wearables Market Grew 230% Year On Year

IDC reported its estimates for wearable sales in last quarter and they show an enormous growth in the sales of technology that we attach to ourselves and, most surprisingly, only a small proportion of the growth coming from sales of the Apple Watch.

IDC estimates that Apple sold 3.6m Watches in the quarter, which is the top end of estimates derived from deep diving into Apple's financial results but they are credible. Those sales propelled Apple to second place in the wearables market behind Fitbit and ahead of Xiaomi. The top three sold 4.4m, 3.6m and  3.1m respectively

Nobody else moved the needle. Garmin and Samsung were fourth and fifth best sellers and they only managed 0.7m and 0.6m respectively.

However it does seem like there are a large number of vendors doing smaller numbers of sales - 5.7m devices were lumped in the 'other' category, accounting for nearly a third of all sales.

I think it would be fair to assume that the majority of the wearables sold were fitness trackers rather than smartwatches, with Apple's sales probably accounting for three quarters of the smartwatch market.

Given the respective size of the smartphone and smartwatch markets I'd say I'm not alone in finding little appealing about the thought of strapping one to my wrist.


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